NY Shakespeare Exchange is accepting submissions for twelve actors to participate in a one-day workshop of scenes from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in Washington D.C, on Saturday, April 20.

New York Shakespeare Exchange will present a workshop entitled What Do Romeo and Juliet Really Look Like?: Unconscious Bias through a Shakespearean Lens at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America ( The event will begin with a performances of scenes from Romeo and Juliet and then expand into a discussion of how unconscious bias affects our day-to-day in both the theatrical community and society as a whole. Our goal is to spark ideas for how we as individuals can address our own biases and how educators and artists can recognize and correct bias in their work.

We are in search of six Romeos and six Juliets who are well outside of traditional expectations for these iconic roles --  a deeply diverse group that expresses the vast differences of the world in which we live.

We are specifically seeking actors who:

  • Feel an emotional kinship with the characters of either Romeo or Juliet,


  • Would rarely - if ever - attempt to submit for that role, because you feel your age, body type, race, ethnicity, disability, and/or gender identity/presentation would not fit with the director/producer's expectations.

The workshop will take place Saturday, April 20, 12:00-6:00PM at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C.. All participants will receive an honorarium for participation.

To be considered, email your headshot/resume to Please include a brief note of introduction expressing your connection to this discussion of bias and diversity.

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