Part lecture. Part performance. Part town hall conversation. 

Join us as we use Shakespeare as an entry point for lively exploration of timely topics. Each Lab begins with a short performance followed by a panel discussion, which then opens up to a Q&A session with the audience. Whether held in-person or in a virtual meeting space, Freestyle Labs offer a chance for our community members to meet and learn from experts and panelists with unique insights into the topics at hand. 

Past Freestyle Lab Topics: 

These Sceptred Isles – Talking Story & Shakespeare in the Pasifika 

Their Grief’s True Quality – Shakespeare and Trauma 

Like A Colossus! – Shakespeare and Comics 

Our Own Voices, Our Own Tongues – Shakespeare in Translation 

To Undreamed Shores – Shakespeare and the Immigrant Experience 

Armor As Strong – Trans Warriors Through A Shakespearean Lens 

The Great Persuaders – Shakespeare and African American Oratory 

Verses vs. Verses – Shakespeare and Modern Poets in Conversation 

What Do Romeo & Juliet Really Look Like? - Exploring Unconscious Bias in Casting 

#MeToo Shakespeare – Kate, Petruchio, and an Intimacy Coordinator in Rehearsal 


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