ShakesBEER Takes on LOVE!

Romp through the Financial District as our ShakesBEEReans take on
some of the great love fights of Classical Theater.

Two chances to join in the fun
SATURDAYS, March 2 &9
3:00-6:00 PM

Starting Bar
The Dubliner
45 Stone Street, NYC

STARRING: Brandon Garegnani, Anaseini Katoa, Sarah Kinsey, Fernando Lamberty, Kathryn Metzger, Deanna Supplee, and Ross Williams

DIRECTORS: Kelly Monroe Johnston and Lynnsey Ooten

PRODUCERS: Sarah Kinsey and Ross Williams


“…a great, boozy, old time, which mixes the best of drunken squalor with the highest of art.
William Shakespeare would most definitely approve.”

“By the time the fourth and final bar and beer roll around, the edges of time and space blur,
and I feel transported to Elizabethan times when crowds of regular people would gather
for premieres of plays we now revere and guzzle beers as a community. Huzzah!”

Paste Magazine

“Whether you’re a Shakespearean, a beer enthusiast, or simply looking for an unorthodox outing,
the infectious spirit of the Bard takes over for an afternoon.”

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