The Voices Project

VOICES should be heard.

A space for performers to not only showcase their connection to Shakespeare, but show how that fits into their broader identities as artists and citizens. Each actor-created film finds its “voice” at the intersection of two performed pieces that amplify or challenge each other: one by Shakespeare and one from another source.

Our long-term goal for this project is for it to stand as an expanding example of the depth, breadth, and intersectionality of the talent pool that is far too underrepresented in American classical theatre.

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Today, we welcome Timothy David Rey to the VOICES PROJECT!

 He is a writer/performer who hails from Chicago, IL. His creative work is based in poetry, plays, and monologue.

Enjoy his renditions of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 127 and Paul Laurence Dunbar’s We Wear the Mask.


Each actor chosen for exhibition in The Voices Project is provided a one-time honorarium of $100.
Your donation will directly support a voice that deserves to be heard.